1 = fellowship, grant, scholarship, studentship, bursary, grant money.
Ex. She has received the CLA's Ruby E. Wallace Traveling fellowship and the Canadian Council Grant, both for the study of nonbook materials.
Ex. In its early years it benefited from a variety of grants to support activities and developments, but since 1971, OCLC has been supported by membership fees and grants for specific research and development projects.
Ex. This article considers the following models of payment: tuition reimbursement by employer; tuition paid by the student; and tuition assisted by scholarship or grant.
Ex. Its notability is seen to lie in the fact that it has significantly broken the stranglehold upon postgraduate studentships in the gift of the Science and Engineering Research Council.
Ex. This article describes a 12 week study tour of the UK undertaken with the help of a bursary from the EU by a lecturer in library studies from Papua New Guinea.
Ex. The article 'Who Says Money Doesn't Grow on Trees' provides information to teachers who need grant money to fund projects their schools cannot afford.
* beca de asistencia = attendance grant.
* beca de asistencia a congreso = conference attendance grant.
* beca de desplazamiento = travel grant.
* beca de estudio(s) = study grant, education grant.
* beca de formación = in-service training.
* beca de investigación = research grant.
* beca de movilidad = travel grant, mobility grant.
* beca de prácticas = in-service training.
* beca escolar = school grant.
* conceder beca = grant + scholarship.
* que concede becas = grant-making.
* sistema de becas = grant scheme.

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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